Title Modified Date
Disable web authentication Joomla 4

To disable the “Web Authentication” feature, go to Home Dashboard » Plugins in the backend, search for the System - WebAuthn Passwordless Login plugin and disable it.


27 June 2023
Easy SQL statement

As simple as 4 rules of code you can do create a mySQL statment for database interactions.

04 November 2021
Disable user registration

By default users cannot register unless you enable them to. This is a Joomla setting.

14 January 2020
Add captcha to your site

To make the default Joomla forms more secure, and safe from spammers, you can add a captcha to your Joomla site. This tutorial shows you how to do just that.

14 January 2020
Joomla Query with WHERE and AND

When writing a Joomla module or component, you can access the database with the JDatabase option.

16 January 2019
Load joomla 4 framework in external PHP page

Below you can find a script that loads the joomla 4 (only 4) framework on an external PHP page

26 June 2023
Disable plugin or module without Joomla backend access

Should you have a module installed that locks you out of your back office (for instance the IP block module), you can disable this in the Joomla database.

10 January 2019

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