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Disable web authentication Joomla 4

To disable the “Web Authentication” feature, go to Home Dashboard » Plugins in the backend, search for the System - WebAuthn Passwordless Login plugin and disable it.


27 June 2023
Loop through recordset

How to select and loop through a recordset is shown below. Wht a results, and a loop option:

$jn_where="state = 1";
$jn_orderby="id asc";
19 May 2022
Easy SQL statement

As simple as 4 rules of code you can do create a mySQL statment for database interactions.

04 November 2021
Troubleshoot SMTP problems

Notice: SMTP connect() failed: You can troubleshoot SMTP connections to find out more about the issue. For example, the connection can fail if one of the SSL certificates was not issued by a trusted Certificate Authority.

29 October 2020
13 reasons why to choose Joomla!

We all know Joomla! is the best, but to the non believers, here is an infographic telling you why!

25 March 2023
Disable user registration

By default users cannot register unless you enable them to. This is a Joomla setting.

14 January 2020
Remove article ID from URL

Some time ago the new router became active in Joomla, enabeling you to remove the article ID from your URL.

14 January 2020
Customize the login page and admin template

For small businesses it is always a nice service to have a custom made joomla login page. How can we do this? Doctorjoomla to the rescue!

14 January 2020
Users deactivated for no reason?

It happens that registered users get deactivated for what seems to be no reason. Well that is not the case. the following actions trigger a deactivation:

  • Super users de-activate the user in question
  • Plugins like admin tools can deactivate the user automatically
  • ...
14 January 2020
Increase upload limit in Joomla

Increasing the max upload size is done in the following manner:

14 January 2020
Add captcha to your site

To make the default Joomla forms more secure, and safe from spammers, you can add a captcha to your Joomla site. This tutorial shows you how to do just that.

14 January 2020
Article versions

Sometimes you might want to go back to the previous version of an article. Joomla has that option for you, by default, it is turned on. 

14 January 2020
Change appearance article info

The article info, such as author, creation date, views etc, by default is displayed below each other.

14 January 2020

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