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Title Modified Date
Disable web authentication Joomla 4

To disable the “Web Authentication” feature, go to Home Dashboard » Plugins in the backend, search for the System - WebAuthn Passwordless Login plugin and disable it.


27 June 2023
Easy SQL statement

As simple as 4 rules of code you can do create a mySQL statment for database interactions.

04 November 2021
Disable user registration

By default users cannot register unless you enable them to. This is a Joomla setting.

14 January 2020
Simple update statement in Joomla

Below you can find a simple update statement for PHP in Joomla!

31 October 2019
Add captcha to your site

To make the default Joomla forms more secure, and safe from spammers, you can add a captcha to your Joomla site. This tutorial shows you how to do just that.

14 January 2020
Joomla Query with WHERE and AND

When writing a Joomla module or component, you can access the database with the JDatabase option.

16 January 2019
Load joomla 4 framework in external PHP page

Below you can find a script that loads the joomla 4 (only 4) framework on an external PHP page

26 June 2023
Show module positions

You can have all your module positions shown on your website. 

11 January 2019
Disable plugin or module without Joomla backend access

Should you have a module installed that locks you out of your back office (for instance the IP block module), you can disable this in the Joomla database.

10 January 2019
Instagram user ID

For the Instagram feed JS module to work properly, you need an Instagram ID for the account you want to show. Not only do you need the ID but also an Instagram Token.

03 December 2018
Get google maps Api key

Follow this steps to acquire a Google Maps Api Key and then add it to your Joonext Settings.

11 January 2019

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