To make the default Joomla forms more secure, and safe from spammers, you can add a captcha to your Joomla site. This tutorial shows you how to do just that.

  • First of go to Google recaptcha, and get your key's there. They must be private and public. Signing up for a key is very easy. Just add a name, and the url's the captcha will be used for and you will get your keys. You can use recaptcha 2 or invisible captcha. Joomla supports both.
  • Then go to your plugins, and search for captcha, and enable the plugin you want. the recaptcha, or the invisibel one.

    Screenshot 2019-01-23 22.42.03.jpg
  • Add your keys, private and public
  • Then go to for instance user management,  (system / global configuration / users) and set the use captcha to the value you want

    Screenshot 2019-01-23 22.40.19.jpg

  • Now the user registration form will have a captcha added to it.

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