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13 reasons why to choose Joomla!

We all know Joomla! is the best, but to the non believers, here is an infographic telling you why!

25 March 2023
Virtuemart cart not working

If for some reason in your browser the virtuemart cart (adding articles to your cart) does not work properly, in some browsers, troubleshooting can be hard. 

02 January 2020
PHP warnings after install

When after installation of the joonextpro template on for instance a XAMPP install, there is no reason for concern.

16 March 2019
Show module positions

You can have all your module positions shown on your website. 

11 January 2019
Add google analytics to your template

This video shows you how to add google analytics to your template file.

10 January 2019
Change template name

If you want to have a unique template name for your clients' website, you can do this by changing the name of your template. the tutorial below will show you how this is done!

10 January 2019
Create favicons

To have your own favicons, also for mobile etc. in order, you can visit this website. In this tutorial, I will explain how you can use this website.

10 January 2019
Set your default template

To change the default Template for the Site (Front-end) or Administrator (Back-end), follow these steps.

10 December 2018
Native Joomla tabs and sliders

Joomla itself has the option to work with tabs in your content. This tutorial will explain how this works.

09 December 2018
Set a logo for each language

The logo is set in a module position, named logo, or logo-menubar. Each module has the option to select a language.

08 December 2018
Change search result page

The default Joomla search result page shows all the search options before it shows the results you have searched for. In order to change this, all you need to do is one simple CSS hack.

12 December 2018
Change your favicon

The icon which appears in your browser tab or the navigation bar on your site is called the favicon.

10 January 2019

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